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Cayan offers distinct real estate opportunities

Cayan offers distinct real estate opportunities to investors during the “International Exhibition of Luxury” and guarantees an annual return of 8% on Cayan Kentara Hotel Apartments managed by Rotana

Saudi Cayan Group, the leader in real estate development in the Middle East, announced its participation in the fifth session of the International Luxury Exhibition, which will be held in Saudi Arabia during the period between May 3-5 at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel – Riyadh.

During its participation in this pioneering exhibition, Cayan Group will shed light on many of the prominent projects it has launched in Saudi Arabia and the UAE, as the group will focus on presenting major projects targeting customers and investors who are looking for the best attractive and profitable investment opportunities.

Regarding the importance of participating in the “International Exhibition of Luxury”, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Cayan Group, Ahmed Al-Hatti said, “The exhibition represents a great platform for us to review our wide range of luxury properties that suit the various requirements of investors, especially those looking for attractive and profitable investment opportunities in both countries, Saudi Arabia And the Emirates, which has proven over the days the strength of its real estate activity despite the challenges that have emerged during the past years, and we will offer them a variety of high-end real estate units in locations of strategic and economic importance that raise the value of the real estate investment, especially since this timing is an ideal opportunity for investors. Who are looking for unique special deals.

Cayan Group will participate in the exhibition with several existing projects in Riyadh and Dubai. It will also present to the exhibition visitors attractive real estate offers and exclusive investment opportunities. Most notably, the “Samaya” project, the most beautiful residential neighborhood in Riyadh, which occupies an area of ​​one million square meters and is located in the area of ​​his race, which is known for the beauty of its nature. “Samaya” will include residential and commercial lands, in addition to all basic facilities such as schools, mosques, sports clubs and other public and recreational facilities. Among the distinctive projects that will be announced to start selling is the CMC office tower located on King Fahd Road in the Saudi capital, which is distinguished by its strategic location and design that stimulates a modern business environment. Moving to two of the most prominent projects of Cayan in Dubai, “Cayan Kentara” is the high-end mixed-use project run by Rotana Hotels, which guarantees its investors a return on investment of up to 8%. Finally, for everyone who dreams of staying in

The International Exhibition of Luxury is held annually in several countries, bringing together the elite of brands around the world. This year in Riyadh, the exhibition will be held at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, and it will occupy an area of ​​more than 3500 square meters, through which the spotlight will once again be shed on a selection of the most prestigious and leading luxury brands in the world for the elite of visitors, in addition to strengthening the relations and mutual experiences between the brands. Sharing.

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