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Cayan Group thanks investors and customers

Cayan Group thanks investors and customers for their confidence and support for its projects in the “International Exhibition of Luxury”, Riyadh.

Kayan achieves distinguished sales for its projects by participating in the exhibition.

Saudi Cayan Group, the leader in real estate development in the Middle East, recorded remarkable success at the International Luxury Exhibition that concluded recently in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, thanks to the loyalty of the group’s clients, which made it thankful for their visit to its platform. During the exhibition, there was great interest and multiple inquiries from the pioneers of the Cayan platform, which was visited by visitors and celebrities throughout the exhibition.

During the event, the Cayan Group reviewed the most prominent real estate developments in both Saudi Arabia and the UAE. The project “Samaya”, which has an area of ​​one million square meters in Wadi Hanifa in the main area of ​​Erq, was the most impressive thing for the pioneers of the Cayan platform during the exhibition. Various companies because it has strategically located offices on King Fahd Road, while the “Cayan Cantara” project, operated by Rotana Hotels in Dubai, achieved remarkable and unprecedented sales during the exhibition.

On this topic, Chairman of Cayan Group Ahmed Al-Hatti said, “Our participation in the exhibition was very successful, as the Cayan platform recorded a great turnout and a remarkable influx of visitors. % For the Kian Kentara project, in addition to the great interest shown by visitors to the podium in the CMC Tower project, which was put up for sale for the first time during the exhibition activities. the future “.

Moreover, Cayan Group organized a charitable event in cooperation with the (Friends of Patients) charity. The charitable activity included inviting visitors to register their signature as a form of support for this association, and in return for each signature, a cash donation is made from the charity entity. Kayan was honored with the presence of His Highness Prince Turki bin Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, who supported the initiative by registering his generous signature the moment he visited the group’s platform. In addition to Captain Sami Al-Jaber, who was one of the most prominent supporters and supporters of this initiative, stressing the importance of this noble cause, translating that by visiting the Kayan platform and registering his signature on the list.

The International Exhibition of Luxury is the only platform that brings together various luxury brands around the world under one roof, and provides unprecedented opportunities for these brands to display their products and services to the elite of the event’s visitors.

It is noteworthy that the Cayan Group will participate in similar upcoming events, in order to facilitate access to the group’s real estate projects and services.


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