Tuesday March 30th, 2021

The jewel

Louis Glickman famously quotes: “The best investment on earth is earth,” which means “the best investment on earth is the earth.”

the dream

With “Al Jawhara” you will not need to think about the best investment for you. We have prepared the land for you and made it easy for you to choose to be the best ever, to adopt your dream stone upon stone with confidence. In the most prestigious neighborhoods of Riyadh, with a value exceeding 2 billion Saudi riyals.

The residential jewel

The luxury of life in an exceptional way,

no one would have imagined that the real estate sector would carry with it new ways and innovative methods that facilitate the lives of individuals, as “Al Jawhara” focuses on meeting the actual needs of selling plots of land of different sizes that include a set of qualitative and exceptional methods specialized in advanced and integrated infrastructure services The first comprehensive development license that would be ready to support a residential structure and modern facilities located in a safe, elegant and quiet environment that serves your requirements.
The residential jewel consists of several neighborhoods, which are Emerald, Opal, Coral, Agate, and Turquoise

Gawhara commercial

“Al-Jawhara” has mixed-use commercial lands that are remarkably suitable for high-end commercial markets, which will transform these lands into a destination for an elite of international brands, which will provide residents with a unique shopping experience with an unparalleled glamor that extends on Prince Turki I Road and Al-Orouba Road, as well as embracing ” Al-Jawhara “elegant and integrated commercial lands to meet all the purposes and requirements of modern commercial and administrative work, which will be most suitable for businessmen. Where the commercial space represents approximately 20% of the total area of ​​the project.

What makes Jawhara your new address?

Al Jawhara provides a unique and modern lifestyle by including a group of high-quality facilities within organized and spacious spaces, to suit all tastes, so that housing in Al Jawhara is comfortable and distinctive. As it was designed Al Jawhara to be the ideal choice for housing in Riyadh and to perfectly suit the needs of the different residents.